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The last long day in India -

Included a celebration of India Republic Day at the hotel and in the office, an unexpected one-night stay the at the Taj Westend hotel and a very long wait in Bangalore Airport

January 26th in India
The Constitution of India was formally adopted by the Parliament, and India declared itself as a "Republic" on January 26, 1950, a date thereafter celebrated annually as Republic Day in India. The Constitution had been prepared by the Constituent Assembly which was set up upon India gaining its independence from the British in 1947. This, in fact, was a deliberate act: the 26th of January was initially India's "Independence Day", one of Gandhi's many symbolic acts during what is termed "The Freedom Struggle", and the adoption of the Constitution on this date was felt able to strengthen its initial meaning, one calling for Indians of all ages to declare their freedom from the Raj. It is one of three annual national holidays in India, the other two being the nation's Independence Day on August 15 (since 1947) and the birthday of Mohandas K Gandhi on October 2.